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Interview with Minor Mobley

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Interview with Minor Mobley

of Veteran/Family Owned Excel Automotive Repair in St. Charles IL

Fox Valley Magazine: Thank you for your service. How many years were you in the Marines?

Minor Mobley: 6 years

Fox Valley Magazine: Where were you stationed?

Minor Mobley: I spent most of my time at Camp Pendleton, CA. and Quantico, VA

Fox Valley Magazine: How many times were you deployed and where?

Minor Mobley: 1 time to the sandy hot desert

Fox Valley Magazine:   How did your military service prepare you for owning and operating your own business?

Minor Mobley: To always strive to be the best, take care of others who take care of you and to never quit!

Fox Valley Magazine: Your shop has a wall dedicated to honoring and remembering local veterans.  You also have received many accolades for helping veterans and charity work in the St. Charles community that includes a Christmas sponsorship program for needy students in St. Charles School District 303. Why are you so committed to giving back?

Minor Mobley: We live in an amazing community. Jennifer and my goal was to give back to the place we call home in any way that we can for as long as we can. With the Veterans charities we do what we can to help the families and those who have served in any way possible. 

Fox Valley Magazine: What were your biggest challenges on getting Excel Automotive Repair up and going?

Minor Mobley: Finding the right team. It is crucial to our operations to make sure we have smart, trustworthy, and skilled technicians. It is not easy finding them and impossible to operate without them. They are truly the backbone of Excel Automotive Repair.

Fox Valley Magazine: Your business has been open for 3 years, what do you attribute your success to?

Minor Mobley: I truly believe that if you go beyond to do your job, give every customer the integrity that they deserve, and focus on your business; you will find success in this industry. If there are any issues we always take care of them immediately! Those customers have already paid their hard-earned money, if something is not right we will fix it.  That philosophy has served us well, I feel that has played the biggest role in our success.

Fox Valley Magazine: After a car leaves your shop, Excel’s work is backed by a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty.  How standard is this in the industry?

Minor Mobley: It’s not. As a matter fact one other shop and ourselves are the only ones in the area that I know of that are that aggressive with the warranties.

Fox Valley Magazine: Looking back now, what advice would you give to anyone thinking about starting a business?

Minor Mobley: Find a solid group of business savvy people to lean on for advice. Follow your plan and be open to positive criticism. I promise you will not know everything and being open to new ideas and creativity is a must. 

Fox Valley Magazine:  You recently expanded your shop to 6900 feet and 10 service bays, do you have any more plans to expand in the near future?

Minor Mobley: There is only one way to find out! Give us a call and join us on our mission to fix the automotive industry one great experience at a time.

For service call 1-630-945-3421 or visit www.excelautostc.com.

Excel Automotive Repair
720 N. 17th St., Unit 2
St. Charles IL 60174


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