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Holiday Eating

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Holiday Eating

Survive Holiday Parties Without Cutting a New Notch Into Your Belt

So it’s that time of year- cheese trays, mashed potatoes, cookies, pies and whipped cream. It’s hard to stay ‘on track’ with all of this yummy around. And some of the advice out there we’ll…Let’s just say that if we all had that kind of discipline we wouldn’t need the help in the first place.

Here are some *realistic* ways you can curb your holiday eating so you don’t live in a constant food coma or feel that pressure of regret against your belt after an uncomfortable amount of food was consumed.

Don’t skip any meals that day.

Yep. Eating more to eat less. Eating small healthy snacks and meals throughout the day is how we’re supposed to eat anyway. But if you’re gearing up for a party, this helps you feel more satisfied with less later. Skipping meals often leads us to the “my eyes were bigger than my stomach” comment.

Use a smaller plate.

If you have the choice, use a smaller plate. Psychologically speaking we tend to feel more satisfied with less when it’s on a plate more fitted to it’s portioning- the same spoonful of mashed potatoes looks more satisfying on a smaller plate than a larger plate.

Choose your first plate wisely.

Research suggests that we eat the largest amount of the foods we eat first. Set yourself up for success by starting with something low-calorie. Try fresh veggies and hummus over chips and creamy dip to save 120 calories per serving.


Take smaller portions. Don’t let yourself eat twice the serving of meatballs just because they’re on your plate and you’d feel bad wasting them. That IS a waste. Take smaller portions and only go back if you are still hungry.

Wait to go back for seconds.

Give yourself about 15 minutes or so to let your food digest before you go back. This gives your body time to send you the message that you might not need that extra serving of pie- you may avoid a food coma.

Chew your food.

This is really important. Take small bites, and take the time to chew your food. This not only helps with digestion, but if you chew your food more, your brain is tricked into thinking you’ve eaten more- usually about 30% less calories are consumed if you do this.

Get a good night of sleep the night before a holiday party/dinner.

A recent study found that when adults didn’t get enough sleep (at least 7 hours) they ate about 300 extra calories and tended to be drawn to higher-calorie/fat foods.


A serving of wine, a beer or a mixed drink can have anywhere from 100-250 calories in it, on average. Keep track of your pours by finishing one before you add to or pour another. And maybe remember this before you start into your third cosmo and a really great rendition of Hit Me With Your Best Shot on karaoke. I promise you calories are not the only thing that will be saved.

Here’s a tasty recipe for some Doubel Nut and Date Tassies  you can bring to a party that are 100 calories per serving! They satisfy both the sweet and salt lovers.


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