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Get The Most Out Of It!

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Get The Most Out Of It!

Food combos that bring out the most nutrients.

When you pair certain foods together, the elements of these foods work together to increase the absorption and assimilation of nutrients.

For example, if you have iron-deficiency anemia you need to be consuming heme iron (animal sources), and non-heme iron (chickpeas, dark leafy greens, and other plants).

Non-heme iron isn’t as easily absorbed by the body without first raising the acidity of the intestines. Foods high in Vitamin C (like citrus, bell peppers, and strawberries) help raise acidity, allowing the iron to be absorbed. So eating a salad with chickpeas and bell peppers, or strawberries and spinach might give you a great burst of iron that you need to feel better! And I don’t typically recommend red meat, but if you’re going to anyway… a slider with ginger and bell peppers… this might work.

Here are some more smart food combos:

~ Lycopene and Healthy Fats -  The lycopene (an anti-carcinogen with potential to lower risk of breast cancer,  heart disease and lung disease in tomatoes, for example is fat soluble, so the  digestive tract is able to absorb it best when it's eaten with healthy fats- about 4  times as much. *Slightly cooking tomatoes also increases the lycopene

Try: Tomato and olive oil bruschetta or caprese salad. Or guacamole/salsa.

~ Folate and Vitamin B12 - Folate (found naturally in vegetables and beans) and B12 (in animal products)  help produce new cells. They also help fight the amino acid (homocysteine) that  is linked to Alzheimer’s when it is present in high amounts.


Try: A spinach omelet, or salmon with asparagus

~ Curcumin and Heart Healthy Fats -  Curcumin? It’s the active component in Tumeric, and it fights inflammation. Heart   healthy fats DHA and EPA  are found in things like fish, fortified foods, and things   like flaxseed that have ALA which is converted to EPA (and to a lesser extent,  DHA). Together they power up to fight heart disease and cancer.

Try: Curry white fish

Click Here for One-Pot Thai Curry Fish dish ready in 20 minutes! 

~ Oregano and Red Meat - I don’t recommend a lot of red meat in your diet, for reasons we are all pretty well versed in, but if you are going to grill the occasional steak or burger, use an oregano-based spice rub. Oregano has been shown to cut down on the carcinogens formed on charred meats.


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