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Week 1 of 4: Introduction to Jim Beam Red Stag

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Week 1 of 4: Introduction to Jim Beam Red Stag

We are changing the way we present drinks to you; each brand/spirit will now be presented in a 4 week format.

We will review the brands/spirits (week 1), offer signature drinks using the brand/spirit (weeks 2-3), and for the final week, we will visit bartenders at bars around the Fox Valley area and ask them how they serve it to their customers and share those ideas. This change in format will allow us to still showcase great spirits and signature drinks while limiting how much people would need to purchase to make the drinks at home.


Our first featured spirit is Jim Beam’s Red Stag. According to my recollection, Red Stag was the first major brand flavored Whiskey/ Bourbon to go mainstream. It was being produced prior to Jack Daniels Honey, or any of the fire whiskeys flying off the shelf today. Jim Beam has done well with their newer flavors of maple, honey, and apple.


Red Stag’s greatest achievement comes from the theory” less is more.”  It carries subtle flavoring of black cherry with vanilla and touches of light oak. The flavor is never over bearing and can enjoyed as a shot or on the rocks.  It’s smoother than traditional Jim Beam and doesn’t the aftertaste that many people associate with whiskey/bourbon. It’s a great starter spirit for those just starting to explore the beauty of whiskey/bourbon, the black cherry flavor helps make the transition easier.


Red Stag has a price point of about $14.99 per 750ml and is available in a wonderful holiday pack as well. It mixes well with a number of common mixers; we suggest purchasing cherry coke, ginger ale, or lemonade when picking up a bottle.

We look forward to showcasing Red Stag in signature drinks over the next few weeks.


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