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“The Moscow Mule”

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“The Moscow Mule”

The original Copper Mug classic!

I made the statement a few weeks: “everyone has heard of the famous Moscow Mules by now”. I was wrong; I was bartending a party last Sunday and had 10-15 people trying the Moscow Mules for the first time. They all loved them, which inspired me to showcase the classic recipe this week for your pleasure. We used Fox River Distillery’s Geneva Herrington's Vodka in our version of the Moscow Mule, and it’s outstanding.

Level of Difficultly: Low

Ingredients Needed: Vodka, fresh limes, mint leaves, ginger beer (non-alcoholic ginger beer such as Bundaberg or Gosling work best)

Tools Needed: copper mug, spoon, and jigger or pour spout


1.       Cut Lime into quarters, cut 1 of the quarter pieces in half for garnish and pick a handful of mint    leaves

2.       Fill copper mug (or glass) with ice

3.       Pour 1 ½ oz to 2 oz of Vodka over ice

4.       Squeeze 2 quarter limes over ice and add a mint leaf,  and leave the limes on top of the ice after    squeezing

5.       Pour ginger beer over limes and mint

6.       Stir the limes and mint to mix in the mug/glass

7.       Garnish with lime and mint leaf

8.       Enjoy!


We used Fox River Distillery’s Geneva's Herrington Vodka. It’s an outstanding vodka that pairs well with everything from Moscow Mules, vodka and sodas, to vodka and cranberry.



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