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Want fresh/fresh-frozen herbs all year long?

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Want fresh/fresh-frozen herbs all year long?

I see a lot of herbs growing on porches and patios this year and I wonder- How many of these are being used while they’re still thriving and fragrant?

Mint grows faster than anyone I know can use it, and basil is bitter if you don’t prune it and pick it before it flowers**.

And lets not forget the nutrients in some of our favorite garnishes and seasonings. For example, basil has vitamins A, C and K and mint has a considerable amount of vitamin A with smaller amounts of C, B vitamins and iron.


Heres a great tip for freezing them so theyre fresh and ready-to-use all year round:

Youll need:

-Large or Jumbo silicone ice-cube trays

-water and/or broth of your choice

-fresh herbs

Method 1- For bulk frozen herbs:

Once the herbs are picked, rinse them gently- try not to crush them (a salad spinner is great for this). Roll them in paper towel or lay them out a bit to dry.

Lay them out on a cookie sheet and freeze for mmmmm.well, until theyre frozen.

Once frozen, put them in a zip-sealed freezer bag and label and date them! No one wants mint in their meatballs!

Method 2- For herb cubes:

Rinse herbs (see above), and

A. Lay leaves flat in a stack and roll them up into a tube, slicing them once rolled. Add ribbons to water/broth-


B. Puree the leaves in a blender/food processor, adding water/broth as needed, until a thick paste is formed-

Then add (either) mixture to silicone ice cube trays. Freeze.

Once frozen, put the cubes in a labeled, dated zip-seal freezer bag.

Toss into your favorite smoothie or sauce and enjoy!

**(prune your basil plant by snipping back the tops of stems to prevent flowering- otherwise it becomes woody, produces fewer leaves and tastes bitter.)


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