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Maki and Fried Rice, Together?…Eat The Burbs in Aurora

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Maki and Fried Rice, Together?…Eat The Burbs in Aurora

Wonton soup, chirashi, yellowtail maki, and fried rice all during one meal, that’s one of the reasons why my family and I frequent Wang’s Garden in Aurora.

We are fans of both Chinese and Japanese cuisine but very rarely do we find a fusion restaurant that does them both well…luckily for us and you there is Wang’s. 

On our latest visit we stopped in for some sushi and ended up getting enough Chinese food to feed two families.   We grabbed orange chicken, assorted maki rolls, beef chow fun, pot stickers and veggie fried rice; everything was delicious and of course the Chinese dishes were perfect leftovers for lunch over the next few days.  As always the sushi was fresh, my favorite roll there is the spicy yellowtail maki, it’s so friggin’ good.   My oldest child is a big fan of the orange chicken and I’ll admit, I don’t eat it often but when I do it’s either Wang’s or Chi Tung in Evergreen Park, they’re both really good and non-greasy.  The chow fun noodle dishes here are always delicious, I could literally eat them daily.   

They do an enormous amount of takeout business but we prefer to sit down and enjoy.  The restaurant is decorated in the common red, gold, and black color scheme with cute little booths and tables placed adequate distance apart.  If you’re like me and like to feel tucked away during dinner, then you’ll enjoy eating there.  The service is always impeccable and they do a good job accommodating our requests for gluten-free options for our youngest child. 

It’s easy to miss Wang’s and drive right past it considering the more popular businesses like Sonic and Walmart are across the street.  For a casual meal with great food and service near the Outlet Mall, checkout Wang’s Garden.

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Wang’s Garden
2933 Kirk Rd, Aurora, IL 60502
(630) 585-9888

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