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Comings & Goings: Two Brothers opens cafe at roundhouse

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Two Brothers Roundhouse is brewing up something for the morning crowd.

As of last week, the popular complex in Aurora is serving coffee, tea, pastries and more inside at Two Brothers Café.

Two Brothers Café is part of Jim and Jason Ebel’s vision for the historic roundhouse at 205 N. Broadway, said café manager Bret Gloria.

Like their beer, Gloria said, “They want to be doing it themselves.” To that end, the brothers are roasting beans at the Warrenville location, and they brought on Mason Brown, formerly of Intellegentsia Coffee, to oversee the roasting.

“We’re roasting it more for the flavor of the individual bean,” Gloria said.

Roasting beans straight from the grower and offering individual pour-over coffee are just a couple of the café’s selling points. The café also offers a dozen varieties of tea and freshly baked pastries, including blueberry scones and homemade biscotti. All baked goods are prepared with only organic ingredients, Gloria added.

The café also will serve cold plates and salads for lunch, and a tempting Spanish macaroni and cheese. Gloria said they will eventually expand on the café’s lunch menu.

“It’s a great place to spend the afternoon,” Gloria said.

He welcomes anyone who wants to hang out and meet some friends to come give the café a try.

“I want people to know that we are there,” he said.

Aside from the coffee shop menu, Two Brothers Café also will serve half a dozen artisanal beers on tap at the café bar. Gloria said the beers will be different from what is offered in the restaurant and tavern. They’ll be archival, hard-to-find beers from the Ebel’s own stash.

“It is one of the few places that you can sit at the bar and have a cup of coffee,” Gloria said. “We’re at a really unique spot. We want the morning commuters to come get our coffee.”


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