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Micro-distilleries get OK in Kendall

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Micro-distilleries get OK in Kendall

Micro-distilleries have gotten the OK to set up shop in Kendall County.

The County Board has approved allowing such operations with a special use in an A-1 agricultural zoning district or in a B-3 highway business district, or without a special use in M-1 or M-2 manufacturing districts.

The move paves the way for Three Angels Brewery, which already operates a nano-brewery at Ashley and Caton Farm roads, to apply for a special use for a micro-distillery in the county, at the same location as the brewery.

They board is expected to vote on the application in March.

It would be the first distillery in the county. Or at least the first legal distillery in the county.

That’s a key distinction, because history suggests there have been plenty of distilleries in Kendall County that were, ahem, off the books.

It is, after all, a county with lots of open spaces, isolated areas and corn.


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