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Fox Valley Cooks: Amy Webb, Batavia

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Fox Valley Cooks: Amy Webb, Batavia

Amy Webb’s friends often call her Amy Crocker since they think her superior baking skills put her in the same league as the recipe icon, Betty Crocker.

The 41-year-old Batavia mother enjoys spending time in the kitchen making things for others.

When she moved into her home 10 years ago, she baked 13 loaves of her famous pumpkin bread to take to her new neighbors as a way to introduce herself. She also freely shares her crispy-on-the outside-but-soft-in-the-middle chocolate chip cookies with the clients and staff at Zano’s Salon and Day Spa in Batavia where she is the front desk manager.

Friends often ask Webb for her secrets since they can’t produce the same result when they use the same recipe. Perhaps the secret is Webb’s attitude about time in the kitchen.

“I set aside the time to really focus on making something,” Webb says.

She never tries to hurry the process, even if it means zesting several lemons and then extracting the juice for her lemony Italian Knot Cookies, or baking and pureeing pie pumpkins for her pumpkin bread. Quality ingredients are very important to her as she bakes.

Webb also carefully pre-measures every ingredient into prep bowls before mixing any thing.

“That way if the phone rings or my son needs something or there is some other distraction, I can remember what still needs to go into the mixture,” she says.

She began doing this after a difficult experience.

“One year I was helping my sister-in-law bake while I was making pumpkin pies,” she says. “I somehow forgot to put in the sugar. The pies were awful and everyone remembers it. The family joke is to always say ‘Amy, don’t forget to put the sugar in.’”


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