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Mystery Diner: State Street Diner adds Mexican flair to menu

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Mystery Diner: State Street Diner adds Mexican flair to menu

GENEVA – There are very few things more quintessentially American than a diner.

The sounds of a griddle sizzling, coffee cups clanking, incessant chatter from a cramped dining room and the round-the-clock smell of bacon and eggs create a sense of nostalgia. A charming, all-American town like Geneva would be amiss without one.

When the iconic Mel’s Diner closed last year, I was thrilled to find that it was being replaced by another diner.

The owners of Mel’s reopened as State Street Diner in the same location (630 W. State St.), offering customers a reinvented menu featuring American diner-type entrees alongside authentic Mexican food.
After walking through a forest green door into a crimson-colored building on the corner of State and 7th streets, my dining companion and I scanned a slender baby-blue dining room for a place to plop.

“Just sit wherever?” I questioned the waitress standing behind the counter – a pot of coffee in her hand.
“Yep, sit wherever you want,” she said warmly.

The row of tables lining the wall with the window were occupied, so we chose a two-top near the rear of the restaurant opposite a large mural that depicted a church or building in the hacienda architectural style.

“Can I get you two something to drink,” said the same woman who greeted us.

I asked if they served any coffee drinks like cappuccino, since I hadn’t had my caffeine fix for the day. Coffee – yes. Cappuccino – no.

One coke and a water later, my dining companion and I inspected a hefty menu serving a compilation of hearty as well as health-conscious American and Mexican breakfast items, salads, tacos, burritos and a bevy of burgers and sandwich selections.

“Do you have any recommendations – it’s our first time?” I asked.

Pointing to the back of the menu, the waitress mentioned Mexican dishes such as the Burrito Suizo (starting at $6.99), comparing its size to that of a football.

My dining companion looked instantly intrigued – “I’ll have that.”

Biscuits and Gravy, burgers, buttermilk pancakes, the club sandwich and most of the Mexican entrees were other popular items she mentioned.


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