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A wee word about EvenFlow and Tavolino

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EvenFlow in Geneva EvenFlow in Geneva

Not full reviews, but a few comments, as I popped into both this weekend.

Did a bit of restaurant hopping this weekend, and thought I'd say a word or two about my experience.

I started with a drink and an appetizer at old stalwart Niche.  Not much to say about Niche, other than it was its usual magnificent self (if a bit grudging on portion size).

No, the interesting part of my evening was my first experience with EvenFlow and Tavolino, two new venues literally across the street from each other in downtown Geneva.  (See address and contact info below.)

First, EvenFlow.  The first thing to note is the rather unlucky Google results one gets when searching "EvenFlow Geneva."  Unfortunately for the restaurant, three of the four top results are plumbing companies!  Whoops!

But in all seriousness, the venue was really exciting.  The floor-length bar, the massively high ceilings and the balcony have been designed wonderfully, creating a very pleasant, very urban feel.  The lighting added to this effect, although it must be noted that I was there pre-show (live music started at 8:30, and I was still in "appetizer mode").  Some may have found the light to be perhaps a hair too bright, but I thought it accented the rest of the design elements nicely.

The service was provided by a very nice young lady, who was knowledgable and attentive (without being irritatingly so...you know what I mean).  The wedge salad I ordered was tasty, although it seemed, well, frozen...as if it had been prepared ahead of time and stuck in a freezer.  Again, the taste wasn't bad, but that was, I admit, a bit off-putting.  

However, the thing that really struck me was that EvenFlow hasn't quite figured out what it wants to be.  In its marketing, and in most elements of its design, it appears to aspire to being an elegant, urban hotspot, with live music and evocative surroundings.  And yet, the wine list was extraordinarily lean, the servers (although very pleasant and seemingly well-trained) were dressed as if the place was a local watering hole, and the overall feel was more like a country roadhouse.  Perhaps the shortness of my visit doesn't do credit to the place (I'll be doing a full review soon...if they let me in).  But it was just a little bit jarring, this juxtaposition between design (urban, elegant) and "feel"/cusine (roadhouse).  So, we'll see.  I'll let you know more when I do the full review.

Tavolino in GenevaTavolino is a very different sort of place.  Very intimate - there couldn't have been more than 20 tables - and very cozy.  Calamari and a spectacular sausage risotto were the fare, and they were both magnificent.  (Again, more when we do a full review.)  But what made the night for me was the owner and the chef, both of whom came over to chat extensively.  I guess I'm a complete sucker for that, but I find that speaking with the folks who actually run the place and create the food is extremely satisfying, not to mention educational.  It was a very nice experience, if limited in nature, but so far so good.  Give it a try.  (Oh, and the service was great.)

So, there you go.  Short and sweet. I think both of these venues have real potential.  More anon...

EvenFlow: 302 W. State St, Geneva, 331-248-0269

Tavolino: 305 W. State St, Geneva, 630-232-6100

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