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10 cookbooks for your favorite home chef

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Some of the year’s best cookbooks, perfect for holiday gift giving, offer something that will satisfy the foodies on your list whether they’re novices or veteran home chefs.

Any of them are worthy contenders for one’s cookbook library:

Food expert Aida Mollenkamp’s new book, a self-help resource for the kitchen, is just the ticket at a time when once commonplace basic culinary skills have been replaced by frozen convenience foods and takeout orders.

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook
Alfred A. Knopf, $35

Self-taught cook Deb Perelman works culinary magic in a postage-stamp-size Manhattan kitchen, but she’s widely known through her popular food blog that draws a whopping 8 million views a month. Perelman’s debut book contains tutorials and more than 100 recipes, both new and a few favorites from her website.

The author shares her secrets for everything from light-as-a-feather gnocchi to the perfect birthday cake and the best roast chicken.

Harvard Common Press, $24.95

Food blogger Michael Natkin makes a good case for how globally inspired flavors and a flurry of creative, sophisticated new recipes have sparked interest in a vegetarian lifestyle.

His vibrant recipes surpass generations of mundane tofu and lentil loafs. Examples of his “new generation” fare include Caramelized Apple and Blue Cheese Crostini; Persimmon, Parsley and Olive Salad, and Swiss Chard and Tomatillo Enchiladas.

From a Southern Oven
Wiley, $32.50

Prolific writer Jean Anderson pays tribute to the South’s tradition of baking, both savory and sweet.

Mushroom tassies, chicken jambalaya casserole, country ham and cauliflower casserole, Savannah party shrimp and rice and Old Dominion tea cakes — they’re all included in this fine collection.

Modern Sauces
Chronicle, $35

Food writer Martha Holmberg regards a sauce as more than an afterthought, something substantive that’s added to make a dish sing.

Illustrated with eye-popping photos, Holmberg’s book walks home chefs through standards such as hollandaise, bearnaise, marinara and classic vanilla bean creme anglaise to caramelized onion coulis and maple-rum sabayon.

Canal House Cooks Every Day
Andrews McMeel Universal, $45

Don’t let the elegant, beautifully photographed volume fool you: the latest addition to the Canal House Cooking series by Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton isn’t meant to serve as a coffee-table cookbook.

Its 384 pages offer delicious and easy-to-prepare dishes that celebrate the practice of simple cooking. Straightforward recipes are arranged by month — for example, among December’s offerings are Lasagne Bolognese, Pappardelle and Mushrooms and Marmalade Cake.

Muy Bueno
Hippocrene Books, $22.50

The warmth of Mexico manifests itself in this appealing volume co-authored by Evangelina Soza and her daughters Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack and Veronica Gonzalez-Smith. Their book spans three generations and preserves south-of-the-border family recipes.

Traditional regional home-style dishes stand alongside innovative fusion recipes in this attractive volume peppered with heartwarming family stories. Along with the book’s 100 irresistible recipes are helpful guides on such techniques as roasting chiles and making fresh tortillas.



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