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In Wine... Truth Lost Abbey-Gift of the Magi, Style; Biere de Garde 10%ABV, 42IBU OG.1.094

History- The Lost Abbey/Port Brewing company, is now going into there 5th year as a Brewery.  They are nationally knowing, for their brewing prowess with an assortment of many different Belgians & huge aggressive, hoppy bold IPA’s & Double/Imperial IPA’s all coming from San Marcos, California.  Tomme Arthur is one of the Top respected Brewmasters in the business, he has been brewing for over 20+ years and is knowing to be a Top 10 Brewmaster.

Color- The color is of an amber/dark coppered penny brown, with tints of apricot red.

Aroma-Sweetness of grains/bready diacetyl buttery caramel citrusy fruity malts, earthy herbal fruity yeastieness, vanilla/almond salty toasted mildly roasted bready grain sweetness, lemon peel, citrusy acidic faint tartness of apricots & peaches, with light undertones of oily bittersweet piney leafy hops.

Taste- The front tastes of much strong aggressive malty grainy/earthy herbal sweetness, with mild dashes of sweet and toasted nutty grainy caramel salty almonds & light notes of roasted bittersweet dried fresh mocha coffee sweetness. The middle lends a chewy malt bomb upon the palate, with more salty almonds and sweet toasted pecans. The sweetness from the grainy/herbal bready buttery malts, leads way to the edges tasting of toasted caramel and vanilla lemon cookie sweetness and the oily piney leafy bittersweet hops round out the middle. The finish gives way to more floral earthy oily mildly slick bittersweet piney hops, followed by notes of fresh lemon peel, sweet & citrusy apricots, acidic tart and somewhat sour peachieness. The beer finishes on notes of sweet vanilla toasted almonds, and baked buttery bready malts with some faint hints of salty almonds and some alcohol rye spiciness to finish this magnificent beer.

Price- $13.99 a 750ML Bottle and a Winter Seasonal
Rating- A+ (99) points, World Class Beer

This is a beautifully, bold and seductive offering from The Lost Abbey. Outstanding beer.

My Top rated beer in this Style: Biere de Garde

300 S. McLean Blvd.
Elgin, IL

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