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Take Flight Exhibit Opens at Gail Borden Public Library on Jan. 14

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Take Flight Exhibit Opens at Gail Borden Public Library on Jan. 14

The exhibit features a wind tube, hoverport, Bernoulli blower and more!

Take Flight, a dynamic interactive exploration into the creative process of flight, opens at Gail Borden Public Library, 270 N. Grove, Elgin, Illinois, on January 14 .  It will run through March 14.  This exhibition combines historical information with hands-on activities to engage visitors in creating their own flying experience while learning the fundamental principles of flight.  The exhibition was developed by ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum in Ashland, Oregon.

The exhibit features a wind tube, hoverport and a Bernoulli blower that will invite visitors to discover the principles and forces that make flight possible for airplanes, helicopters and rockets. Visitors will explore the history of flight and check out a model of one of the earliest functional plane designs by pioneers of flight, the Wright brothers. 

There will be programs that feature an paper airplane and rocket launcher.  Please see those programs below.

In addition, everyone is invited to the January 31 video premier of "Where Dreams Take Flight," a video created with the support of the Reaching Across Illinois Library System and the Imagination Content Company.  It gives viewers a sense of the magic trajectory that launches in young lives when children read and use their public libraries.  Click here to see a very short trailer.

Gail Borden Public Library Executive Director Carole Medal, said, "We are excited to welcome our community to 'Take Flight.'  The idea of inspiring people to learn more about flight as we are exploring some of the farthest reaches of space as a country, seems so appropriate."

Take Flight Programs Include (Please visit here for program registration information) -

Family Style Take Flight
Main Library Meadows Community Rooms
Monday, January 21
10 am – 12:30 pm, 4:30 – 6:30 pm

Families. Learn about flight and aeronautical engineering as we make paper airplanes or rockets together.
Then, explore exclusive pieces of our new exhibit, only available in our Take Flight programs!

Kids Explore Paper Airplanes
Thursday, January 31
5-6 pm
This program will also stream live at https://gailborden.info/live.

Take Flight: Explore Exclusive
Pieces of our flight exhibit in this special edition of STEAM.
Meadows Community Rooms AB
Monday, February 4  
Grades K-2 ♦ 4 – 4:45 pm
Grades 3-5 ♦ 5 – 6 pm

Wright Brothers, Wrong Story
Main Library Meadows Community Rooms AB
Wednesday, February 6 ♦ 6:30 – 8 pm

Prepare to take off with new details of a momentous historical event you thought you knew.
Hear this new history about Wilbur and Orville Wright, their early years of trial and error at Kitty Hawk,
and the hidden details within original archives and family letters that reveal that Wilbur was actually
the “Wright” brother who cracked the secret to aerodynamics and achieved liftoff in 1903. Presenter: William Hazelgrove.

For more information, please visit https://gailborden.info/flight

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